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Alpaca Black Pearl Fertilizer is available in three different sizes and textures. We also offer worm castings thanks to our little wriggly workers who do a superb job of composting.


We have gift baskets available that contain a watering can, 6 "bags of brew" and an alpaca finger puppet.

Black Pearl Brew Bags
Suspend the “bag of brew” in your watering can. Let “steep” until the water is the color of light tea. Then water your houseplants. Re-fill your watering can so your “brew” is ready for next time. You can use the same bag several times.
Sold as a "6-pack"
$9.95 FREE Shipping

Black Pearl Powder (12oz).
Using the scoop provided, sprinkle powder liberally around base of your plants. Use as needed. (Packed for mailing in a soft bag - not in a jar)

$9.95 per bag
Includes shipping

Black Pearl Pellets
(5lbs & 10lbs. bags.)
Spread PELLETS liberally around base of plants in your flower beds. Use as needed.
Pellets come in bags of approx. 5lbs or 10 lbs. (Weight varies slightly depending on moisture content.) Price includes shipping.


Alpaca Black Pearl Red Worm Castings are made with 100% pure alpaca manure that has been processed through the amazing Red Wiggler Earthworm. The result is a casting (worm poop), full of beneficial microbes that are the basis for healthy soil. These beneficial bacteria help plants absorb the nutrients found in the castings and in the other organic matter found in the soil. The worms break down the nutrients in the manure into very fine particles that are easily absorbed by your plants. Worm castings are nature’s perfect cure for restoring depleted soils.

Directions for use: Apply a layer of castings around the base of your plants and work them into the soil as needed. Don’t worry! You can’t over-use worm castings!
N-P-K ratio of about 3.2 - 1.1 - 1.5
Weight: 3 lbs.
$14.95 includes shipping


Are you looking for a unique present for the gardener on your gift lift? Our basket contains 6 Brew Bags and a watering can along with an alpaca finger puppet or furry alpaca figurine.

$21.95 includes FREE Shipping



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