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Alpacas are intelligent, highly social animals, easy to care for and handle, appealing to look at and fun to have around. They communicate mainly through body posturing and a gentle humming sound. The sweet-tempered, gentle alpaca is prized for its luxurious fiber, which is stronger and more resilient than merino sheep wool.


  • Alpaca manure is one of the only natural fertilizers that can be taken from the pasture and put directly on your plants! It's composition of 2-1-1 makes it balanced and very nutritious to both your outdoor and indoor plants.
  • It contains a balanced level of nitrogen that will NOT burn plants even when placed directly against the roots.
  • Alpaca Black Pearl Fertilizer is virtually odorless, so it's perfect for house plants.
  • Alpaca Black Pearl Fertilizer is all natural and organic. Our animals graze and are fed only pesticide-free hay and grass.

WITHOUT Black Pearl on the left - WITH black Pearl on the right.


Alpaca Black Pearl Fertilizer is available as…

...a powder to feed your house plants
...a "brew" for watering your house plants
...a compost or pellets for outdoor gardens

...a 1.5 lb. bag of alpaca red-worm castings



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